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Maryland Master Naturalist: If you love nature and wear the Maryland flag with pride, this is the program for you! Hosted by Baltimore’s Lake Roland Park, the Maryland Master Naturalist program educates residents on the many unique and diverse factors that make our ecosystem unique. Meet live animals specific to this region, such as birds of prey, snakes, and turtles!

Maryland Master Gardeners: Your go-to garden experts! With training and over 40+ hours volunteer hours in a range of topics from botany, to lawn care, gardening and entomology, the master gardener program aims to educate residents on safe, effective, and sustainable horticultural practices using our city’s local resources. 

B-More Aquaponics: For those of you who don’t know, our resident garden center manager John Shine is also one of the city’s leading specialists on aquaponics systems! Learn how the Waverly garden center’s tilapia aquaponics system works and how you can install a similar system in your home with just a few supplies from your local hardware store.

Baltimore Green Space: Connecting the community with open spaces throughout the city, Balttimore Green Space aims to help its local citizens acquire and maintain green spaces to create increased food opportunities in urban areas.

Friends of the Wyman Park Dell: Learn about programs, events, and volunteer opportunities at “The Dell”, located at 29th and Charles! Giving back to our community: Round up your purchase to the next whole dollar during our garden party weekend to benefit Friends of the Wyman Park Dell!

UMD Extension Program’s Food Smart Program: In addition to the Master Naturalist and Master Gardener programs, University of Maryland offers a wide variety of extended learning classes. Stop by their table to learn about proper canning techniques, establishing healthy eating habits, and food safety.

Babikow Greenhouses: Ever wonder where we get our beautiful plants and natives? Meet the folks at Babikow Greenhouses out of Baltimore, MD, where they painstakingly care for thousands of plants each year to ensure we have the best possible blooms for our customers. Come prepared with your gardening related questions for this great opportunity to connect directly with our growers!

Maryland Department of Agriculture: Green your garden with help from the DOA! Learn how to reduce stormwater runoff, improve yard maintenance practices, and current government incentives that benefit you and the environment.

Water Blossom Creations: Ensure your plant gets the water it needs where it matters most with these gorgeous decorative root watering systems.

Organic Mechanics: Meet the folks behind Organic Mechanics, our newest line of bagged goods at Waverly Ace! Each bag is crafted from all natural locally sourced products that your plants will love (and it’s peat-free!).

Coast of Maine: New to our store is Coast of Maine, a line of soil amendments sourced from calciferous shells harvested from East Coast waterways. Chat with their rep at the event to find out what differentiates their products from their competition.

Baltimore Bikeshare: Learn about one of Baltimore’s newest infrastructure additions! Launched in October 2016, our new bikeshare program features a fleet of over 400 bikes, half of which being electrical assist bicycles, and plans to install their next docking station right here in the neighborhood at 33rd St. and St. Paul St.


  • Growing Aquatic plants with John Shine
  • selecting the best soil/mulch
  • Natural Pest repellents; keeping unwanted pests away from garden
  • Free Potting Service with purchase of plant + pot
  • Big Green Egg & Traeger Grill Demos




Located in the wonderful Waverly neighborhood, our store has over 8,000 square feet of sales floor and boasts more than 20,000 items.  We are located next to the Giant grocery store and have ample parking for all of our customers. Stop by for all of your hardware and home improvement needs!

We are a part of the Greater Homewood Community Corporation and are avid supporters of Better Waverly.

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