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COVID-19 Business Reopening

Welcome back, businesses!  

We missed our neighboring nonprofits, businesses, restaurants and retailers and are glad to have you back in the community. Whether you're just now reopening or have been continuously operating, we have the supplies you need. From essential items like masks, sanitizers, disinfectants, and cleaning supplies- to everyday product needs like food storage containers, and washroom and office supplies - we can help you get back to business. Shop in our stores, order through our B2B team, or ask us about the thousands of products not available on our shelves.

Get In Touch With Our B2B Team

Let us help you get back to business- our team is ready to help you get the supplies you need. 

Katherine Fuchs, B2B Administrator 202-682-4516

Christinah Makhetho, B2B Administrator 202-246-3455 


*Please note- while we receive new shipments of essential supplies weekly, availability may vary due to shifts in the supply chain. Contact us for a list of current availability; we can also help secure an order for you as product becomes available.