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Ordering FAQ

Having trouble placing your order? Here are answers to some common ordering issues.

I receive an error message at checkout.

Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your cart! There could be a few things going on:

  1. The items in your cart may not be available for your selected delivery method. Not all of our products are available for shipping or local delivery, but all of our items are available for store pickup. To fix this issue, simply go back and change your shipping method to "in store pickup". 
  2. If you have more than one item in your cart, one or more of those items may not be eligible for the selected shipping method. In this case, you can place two orders- one for the items you would like to ship, and a second order for items you would like to pick up in store.
  3. The item in your cart is no longer available. Products ordered online are also available in store- sometimes we might sell out of an item while it is in your cart. 
  4. You are trying to ship outside of our range. Items shipped are only available in the US, and local delivery is only available on select items within a 10 mile radius from our DC locations. 
  5.  For any other issues, please feel free to send an email to or fill out the form on our Contact Us page and we'd be happy to help!

I can't find a product I'm looking for.

Products on our site are boutique items exclusively available at A Few Cool Hardware Stores locations; if you're looking for items available at your local Ace Hardware (like other gardening, plumbing, paint, and hardware supplies), please visit, where you can place orders for curbside pickup from your local Ace.

The product I want to purchase is out of stock.

No worries- if an item is out of stock online, we might be able to source it from another one of our A Few Cool Hardware Store locations - just send an email to or fill out the email form on the Contact Us page with the product name and your information, and we'll do our best to find it for you. Note, items on our online store will not be available on

I don't see my local Ace listed as an available pickup location.

Our online store lists inventory and availability at our Logan Hardware and Frager's Hardware locations, but most of our 13 Ace Hardware stores carry these products. If you would like to purchase an item at your local Ace, please send an email to Make sure to check our list of locations to verify that your local Ace is one of our stores.

What is your shipping policy? 

As a brick and mortar retailer, we do our best to accommodate shipping requests; there are some items, however, that we simply cannot ship due to their size, weight, and material. Items on our online store ineligible for shipping include patio furniture, over-sized items, and most pottery. For more information, view our policies page.