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Employee Feature - Meet Mary, an associate lead at Logan Hardware!

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This #BlackHistoryMonth we asked our exceptional team members to share their "Heartware" stories. Here, you'll hear from Mary Pope, an associate lead at our Logan Hardware location on 14th St. in Washington, DC.
Why do you work at AFCHS?
I work at AFCHS because I love what I do. It’s hard to find a job you genuinely love. I get to work with people and plants. I get to learn new things daily and put it to action. I get to help others and put my specialty skills and talents into action. I get to be me! 
When did you start working at AFCHS?
I officially started working at AFCHS back in 2017 but was terminated due to horrible attendance. I started back at AFCHS in May 2018. 
How do you feel your position at AFCHS plays to your strengths? 
 I really like hands on projects and DIY and over the years my job has really helped me grow my knowledge and make me feel more confident about tackling home improvement projects. Plants are one of my hobbies and working at Ace has given me an opportunity to grow my passion into an obsession. I may have started as an associate with limited knowledge on how to care for plants, but would now consider myself a plant expert. If I hadn't started working at Logan, I may have never discovered my passion for plants.
How has your experience at Logan impacted the person you are today?Image.jpeg
Logan specifically has challenged me to face my reality. Logan has given me many opportunities to look at myself. I’ve had to recognize the things I needed to change to be a better me not just for the team but most importantly for myself. 
I have grown so much since I first started at AFCHS. I feel as though I worked hard to show that a leadership role was a role I could carry and succeed in. I’m currently a lead associate and I grow everyday. The challenges I face in this position has only made me stronger and smarter. Taking in as much information as I can and stepping over milestones each day.
What do you like most about working in the Logan community?
That everyone there is different but we fit so well together as a community. I’ve met so many awesome people and very special dogs. I can’t forget my ferret friend. I love the businesses that are in the area and I’ve also spent many evenings at Logan circle just relaxing and hanging with friends. I’ve always felt at peace in the Logan area.