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Community & Donations

We are proud to support local nonprofits in the DC/Baltimore metro areas through several year-long campaigns and partnerships, including product donations, store events, and in store fundraising. As a locally owned business, we are only able to support nonprofits and initiatives within close proximity to our stores. Please view our locations to determine if you meet this criteria.

If you are outside of the DC/Baltimore metro areas, please visit to find a location nearest you.

Make a donation request

Please send all donation and sponsorship requests to Requests are reviewed in the order in which they are received. When making a request, please include:

  • Which of our DC/Baltimore based locations is closest to your organization
  • How you would like to partner with our stores
  • The deadline for your request

Because we get so many requests, we have a few guidelines:

  1. Please give us 45 days advance notice in order to fulfill a request. 
  2. Preference goes to 501c3 non-profit organizations that are in close proximity to our stores, and for causes that have the greatest impact in our communities.
  3. Requests are reviewed on a biweekly basis; please allow 2 weeks to receive a follow-up message.

*Please note, we do not make cash donations.

Nonprofits save 10% on every purchase made at our stores.

Already shopping at our stores? We know every penny counts for our nonprofits- that' why we offer 10% off all regular-priced purchases for our nonprofit business account holders. Business accounts are free to sign up, with pay as you go or interest free net30 billing. Learn more or sign up for an account on our Business Account Program page.