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Black History Month: Meet Cornelius, Assistant Manager at Glover Park Ace!

In honor of Black History Month, we asked a few of our amazing team members about their "heartware" stories. This week we spoke with Cornelius, assistant manager at Glover Park Hardware (and an amazing friend to all he meets!). 


1. Why do you work at AFCHS?

I work at AFCHS because I have a great passion for helping customers, I am able to be myself without faking and this is the one company that gave me a chance after being locked up and getting myself cleaned up from addiction. I also work for AFCHS because its fun, diverse, and pushes my limits to think outside the box with helping customers and employees. I’ve shopped at other retail places and our customer service is way better than our competitors!

2. When did you start working at AFCHS?

I started working for the company back on October 1, 2015.

3. You started as an associate, then a communication coordinator, then inventory coordinator, and now assistant manager. How has your time at AFCHS shaped who you are today?

My time at AFCHS has helped me with faith and rebuild my interpersonal skills. I’ve been through some hardships and challenges prior to working at AFCHS. This job has helped me with my courage by taking risk, passion for helping others, staying focus even when the environment is chaotic, and being myself no matter what. I remember when I first started at Logan (Glover Park was in the revamp phase) and I was scared. The managers, employees and the man I shadowed (you know who you are ;-) ) worked with me to learn things. By the time Glover Park opened I was ready but still a little scared. I have no fears much these days (well COVID-19 I’m still scared of it) but I smile and have my diva butch queen moments! But I am grateful and grounded even when stressed.

4. How does your current position play to your strengths?

In my personal life my friends and family always come to me to talk and get encouragement. I like to have fun, love music and entertainment and also preserve when times our tough. Before I worked AFCHS I worked in customer support and a call center. I like troubleshooting technology and fixing things.

As Assistant Manager I like to motivate our team, checking in with employees, I listen and try to get a resolution. People always come to me or ask how to do something in the system or let me know when things are broken. And what do I do? I fix it or go to someone who may know how to fix. I play off my strengths of motivation, conflict resolution, being caring, hard working, and being that crazy sunny mood booster who makes the rainbow shine bright.

5. What do you like most about Glover Park?

Glover Park can be deceiving by assuming it’s an uptight neighborhood. However, it’s a liberal area while becoming more diverse. During Pride month several businesses put up Rainbows and pride décor to show support for the LGBTQ community. It's always fabulous when LGBTQ and people of color who live in the neighborhood come into the store. I also love our neighbors: Breadsoda and Einstein Bagels. I also have to get kudos to the ladies and gents upstairs at Elements of Fitness! They helped me to strengthen my ankle which was a major issue for me but thanks to Justine and her team…..I don’t have the issue anymore.

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